Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween 2010

Getting ready to go trick or treating!!!
He got way too much candy.

At the trunk r treat.

Lee and Mase carving pumpkins. The weather was so nice!

Mason and Cody! They looked Awesome!

Blommington Lake

On our way to Bloomington Lake!
The family. It seems like Lee always has his shirt off in pictures. He did just get done going off the rope swing though.

After he went off the rope swing! The water was sooo cold! And I should know I put my finger in it!

Such a pretty place

At the rope swing

Grandpa Jerry and Stryder.

Bloomington Lake! I love it so much!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our life latley

Life is so busy and time just seems to fly by so quickly. We have all been so busy with our different activities. Mason just finished his soccer season not too long ago. He did awesome this year. There was one game where he scored five goals! He is such a stud. He has been doing karate one day a week. I think this is Mason's favorite thing (besides golf) and he is way good at it. He just got his yellow belt a couple of weeks ago!! He is doing awesome in school! Third grade this year. I cant believe I have a third grader.

Lee has been busy with work and his church calling. He has the biggest black eye right now from someone elbowing him in basketball. He kind of looks cute with it though. He has also been doing karate. He is a pretty active guy. He is looking forward to snowboarding this winter. He is such a good husband I'm sure blessed to have him.

I have been so busy with work. I'm working more than usual so thats a good thing I guess. I have been excersising twice a day running and doing zumba and I've never felt better about myself. I am in love with zumba it is so much fun and the results have been incredible. Shelly (the instructor) does such an awesome job! I actually got to teach the class a couple of times while she was out of town! It was fun and stressful, but I'm gald I got to do it.

Well, thats been our life this last little while. Now, we get to look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I don't think things will ever slow down for us, but thats life I guess.
Mason working on scoring another goal!