Sunday, March 22, 2009


This tribute to our dog was written by my dad, Jerry Watson.
He joined our family in 1995. A five week old pure bred German Shorthair puppy. Skinny, big ears, and big paws. I knew it was a mistake from the start. Couldn't go anywhere without him. Lock him in the back yard and he'd climb the fence or tunnel under it. Tie him up and he'd chew the rope off or slip the collar. He could open a gate or a door. Then close it behind him just to make you wonder how he got out. He chased cats, squirrels, rabbits, deer, cattle, foxes and game birds. He chased my truck if I left home without him. But he never chased cars. He had encounters with skunks, badgers, porcupines, and rattlesnakes. He slept with me, my kids, my grandkids and by the fire. He ate chicken, chocolate bars, corn chips, ice cream, and my grandkids lollipops. He went fishing, hunting, hiking, swimming, golfing and jet-skiing. He attended weddings, ball games, parades, baptisms, graduations, family reunions and X-mas dinner. He was a thief. He stole countless stuffed animals from yards and porches. He buried them in our backyard. I found a huge Mighty Mouse partially covered with dirt and leaves. They still turn up now and then. He was gentle and submissive with children, yet he was a fierce and protective sentry when the lights went out. He would swim across lakes, rivers, and streams to find you. Then jump in and swim back when he discovered you weren't there. He would take a ten mile hike with me or just follow the grandkids around the block. It didn't matter. He made Kim sneeze. He let Hudson feed him M&M's, potato chips, and Hall's cough drops. He trained with Lacey for the Paris fun run. He helped Mason catch lizards, frogs, and grasshoppers. Missy invited him over for Thanksgiving dinner. Jennifer adopted him. She took care of him and let him rest on Josh's bed. He attempted to rid Dingle of their water snake population. He would get lost. I left him up Home Canyon. He came home. Jennifer left him in the Dingle hills. He came home.

That's what we were doing. Hiking at the lake. We were almost home. He laid down in the sun. The lake was beautiful. It was a great day. I told him..."come on buddy, you can make it". He didn't want to go on. He was tired. Worn out. He was with us for 102 dog years.

He was a nuisance. A pest. A burden. He was dirty and smelly. He was wet and muddy. He shed. He snored. And he was my best friend.

Shultz 1995-2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hyrum and Matti (Mason's cousins) stayed the night with us. Mason loves those guys so much. They are such good kids. We all had a good time. In this picture they are watching the movie "Footloose" and they are trying to dance like they do in the movie. It was so funny to watch. They were really getting into it.
Lee was such a good sport to dance with the kids. He was just acting like a goofball, making fun of the whole 80's dancing thing. But they were sure havin fun.

Hyrum,Matti, and Mason hanging from our stairs. These stairs are so fun for kids. Its like mini playground right in our house.

Just the three of us! I have the best family ever. I love these two so much!