Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Its been forever since I updated. Things are good. Mason is growing like a weed and it makes me sad. Lee is still working for the county and I'm still at the hospital. We have just been just spending time as a family and doing the same old stuff. Mason is now a member of the church and is so excited about it. Lee is just waiting for it to snow so he can go boarding!! Well here is some pictures of the last little while.

Mason got baptized! What a special time that was for our family. He was so excited and could not wait to be dunked in the water. It was so neat to watch Lee baptise our son. I was one proud momma.

We had a lot of fun this October. Our family LOVES Halloween. We had a great time carving pumpkins, trick or treating and watching scary movies.

Mason and his friend Austin getting ready for some candy. Mason went to the trunk r treat with Austin, then Lee and I took him around the town. As always he got a TON of candy.


Chowder was a pretty princess.

Mason had a birthday party at the bowling alley this year. He got a lot of cool stuff. Everyone bowled, ate pizza and BIG cupcakes. My sister came down from Utah to help me with the party. Thanks Mim.

Mason and I the morning of his 8th birthday. Every year we take him out to breakfast for his birthday. This year it was just the two of us. We had a lot of fun and he got his favorite over easy eggs and sausage.

Me and my hubby hanging out watching Family Guy! Its our favorite. So funny!

Mason at lunch on his first day of school. He is in 2nd grade. And all the girls love him, but he only has eyes for his mommy. :)

Me and my wonderful friends Liz and Shasta after our session at the Logan Temple. These two are seriously an answer to my prayers. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Our new puppy Chowder! She is actually at the vet right now cause Lee ran her over. She had to get hip surgery. Lee feels so bad. Poor puppy. :(