Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lacey i just wanted to do a post and tell you a few of the things i love about you and to tell you how much i love you.

This list is made up of the traits and actions that i love about you.

1. your rapist wit (sense of humor)
2 bowling on the wii with you
3. the way you act like a goofball when we go snowboarding
4. loving scary movies
5 hating chick flicks
6 loving Halloween
7 letting me see the q.t. (inside joke)
8 putting up the Christmas tree
9. getting all hyper when we wrestle("Come on, Come on!)
10 kicking my ass in pig. (it makes me humble)
11 being such a good cook.
12 playing old maid with Mason
13 looking so damn hot
14 that you love to run
15 taking care of Mason, feeding him, washing his clothes, just overall being a good mom
16 putting up with my music and even liking some of it (sublime, brand new)
17 that for the most part you hate country music with me
18 sexxx, yes that kind (notice the x's)
19 not watching soaps, sitcoms, and all those other soulless tv programs
20 i love that you are generally a very active person-running, swimming, snowboarding, volleyball,and such an so forth.
21 being such a good kisser when you want to be
22 being so damn hot

Well this is just a few of the things that i will say that i love about you. There is a lot more, but most of those things, i hold too close to my heart ,to share with just anyone on this blog. Lacey i love you and happy birthday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mason hard at work!

Okay, don't think we are mean but yes we make Mason run on the tredmill(we talked to the doctor and he said it was fine).We only have him do this in the really cold months, when he can't get outside and play. He only runs three times a week at the most and he runs for one mile at a really slow pace. He does a pretty good job, but he whins a lot too. I had to force him to smile in this picture. He didn't really want his picture taken while he was working out. Thanks Kim for his running shorts. He looks so cute in them!

This is Mason doing his homework, which he has every single night. He is so smart though and usually has no trouble with it at all. He looks like such a grown up. He makes me laugh.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Here I am hitting a little jump! Its scary but so fun! I didn't even crash.
Lee sliding the bench. Maybe one day I will be able to do this! He is quite the snowboarder!

Here is Lee hitting a big jump! He is so awesome at this. What a stud.

Monday, January 12, 2009


On Saturday, Lee and I went snowboarding! It was way fun. We usually take Mason, but we decided to get a babysitter so that we could hit it hard, and board all day. It was super cold, but the snow was decent. Lee is amazing at snowboarding, all the kids love to watch him hit jumps. I'm no where near as good as Lee yet, but I'm getting a lot better every year. There is nothing like the feeling of carving down the mountatin. This year I am going to try and learn how to hit jumps(so I might be in a cast sometime soon!). Mason is so dang good at snowboarding for his age. It sure helps him to have a pro for a dad too. Anyway, this is how we will spend every weekend for the rest of the winter. I hope it keeps on snowing!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Lee is pretty easy to please on his birthday. All he really asks for every year is a good dinner and a cake. This year he went through one of our cook books and picked out what he wanted me to make him. It turned out really good, but the cake was my favorite.


We had a really nice Christmas full of presents, family and food. Mason got a wii and a wii fit, a automatic putting system, Ben 10 watch and lots more (he was kind of spoiled). We went and spent some time with Lee's Mom and her family and also Lee's Dad and his wife. The rest of the day was spent at home where I made a huge dinner for us and my Dad. It was a good Christmas!